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Yesterday I have to repro cases from OCS, so the point is I have to move OCS DB to another server and I found this link :

I’ve already tried it on my lab and it works, but at my customer I failed so I have to rollback Sad smile.

Here’s the error when I want to Create Enterprise Pool


So after searching the internet and found KB from MS and execute it but still the process won’t go.

With help from DBA and SQL Profiler to trace down what happen, it actually quite simple Smile. The Admin OCS lack of privilege in SQL Backend Server, so MS state when move the OCS DB it needs permission as member of RTCUniversalServerAdmins group, but the answer is it need sysadmin server role in the SQL Backend Server too!

Happy moving! Open-mouthed smile


So one of my customer had a request to move Archiving and Monitoring database in OCS 2007 R2 to another server. I build a lab for this, and here are the major steps:

  1. Stop services QoE Monitoring, Call Detail Recording, Archiving
  2. Detach database LcsCDR, QoeMetrics, LcsLog and copy necessary folders which have *.ldf and *.mdf files to destination server.
  3. Attach database to destination server.
  4. Activate service


LCSCmd /Monitoring /Action:Activate /Password:*** /backend:SQLServerName\Instance

/qoedbdatapath:C:\QoEData /qoedblogpath:C:\QoELog /cdrdbdatapath:C:\CDRData



LCSCmd.exe /Archiving /Action:Activate /Password:** /backend: SQLServerName\Instance  /dbname:LcsLog /DBDataPath:"C:\RTC Archiving Data" /DBLogPath:" C:\RTC Archiving Log"

Lastly you have to start the service back, that’s it, it’s a wrap! Smile


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