Ndo    : Kris, help me…!! (panic mode on)

Krisna : What..what…?!calm down will you..

Ndo    : my data,  my data..it’s gone..i kept it in my Flash Disk

it because that god damn virus…i’ve already remove the virus with my AV, but all my data…(speechless)

Krisna : let me see your FD, humm…it’s not gone, look…your FD free space just a litle and i think your data is hidden by that virus..

Ndo    : hidden…??

Krisna : Yep..u can see your folder, just go to the Command Prompt and type “attrib -S -H e:\*.* /S /D” and then just press Enter..

Ndo    : yipee…it’s work, Thank you so much Kris.

Krisna : hokeh..!!