So everyone know already there’s no more EMC in Exchange 2013, instead EAC come to rescue Smile, but after we installed Exchange 2013, there’s still a MMC contain the good old Toolbox, which provides access to various tools.

Tool Where is it know ?

Exchange Best Practices Analyzer (ExBPA)

The ExBPA has been retired. Readiness checks have replaced the ExBPA to make sure that your Active Directory forest and Exchange servers are ready for Exchange 2013. Each readiness check topic describes the actions that you can take to resolve issues that are found when the readiness checks are run. You should only perform the steps outlined in a readiness check topic if that readiness check was displayed during setup.

Mail Flow Troubleshooter

The Mail Flow Troubleshooter has been retired. You can now use the messaging tracking feature in the EAC. Go to Mail flow > Delivery reports.

Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor has been retired from the Toolbox. You can still find the Performance Monitor under Administrative Tools in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.

Performance Troubleshooter

The Performance Troubleshooter has been retired from the Toolbox.

Routing Log Viewer

The Routing Log Viewer has been retired.

Public Folder Management Console

Public folders are now managed from within the EAC. In the EAC, go to Public Folders.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) User Editor

RBAC is now managed from within the EAC. In the EAC, go to Permissions.