It still RC though, but it helps a lot if you like scripting using PowerShell Smile

I quote from the the User Guide :

Microsoft® Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell® enables you to search for PowerShell scripts in local, network, and online script repositories. You are shown available scripts that are organized by category, and they can search for scripts from local and trusted community repositories by applying filters based on focus areas. Script search results return information about script usage, code samples, and articles about the scripts. When you find the scripts you that you need, you can download and store the scripts and use them at a later time. Script Explorer also allows you to view how-to guidance topics for Windows PowerShell commands and community resources such as TechNet wiki pages to get started with Windows PowerShell.

Here’s you can browse by category, one example I select Exchange 2010.


And the great thing is you can save the script and make your own repository Smile


Check the file you saved, you can use it later.


Download it here : Can’t wait till RTM Open-mouthed smile