So one of my customer had a request to move Archiving and Monitoring database in OCS 2007 R2 to another server. I build a lab for this, and here are the major steps:

  1. Stop services QoE Monitoring, Call Detail Recording, Archiving
  2. Detach database LcsCDR, QoeMetrics, LcsLog and copy necessary folders which have *.ldf and *.mdf files to destination server.
  3. Attach database to destination server.
  4. Activate service


LCSCmd /Monitoring /Action:Activate /Password:*** /backend:SQLServerName\Instance

/qoedbdatapath:C:\QoEData /qoedblogpath:C:\QoELog /cdrdbdatapath:C:\CDRData



LCSCmd.exe /Archiving /Action:Activate /Password:** /backend: SQLServerName\Instance  /dbname:LcsLog /DBDataPath:"C:\RTC Archiving Data" /DBLogPath:" C:\RTC Archiving Log"

Lastly you have to start the service back, that’s it, it’s a wrap! Smile