Updated version!

You can download it here : http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Exchange-2010-Mailbox-Server-Role-/

Version 18.9 Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Storage worksheet’s "RAID Storage Configuration" Table to exclude showing "Total Number of Disks Required" for designs that do not have lagged database copies and are deploying in a JBOD configuration.
  • Added a notification to Role Requirements regarding scenarios that result in >2TB databases.
  • Fixed an error notification to indicate when the input parameters have resulted in a design that has more HA copies than available Mailbox servers.
  • Fixed the DAG LUN total space calculation to be based on the total number of database copies, not the total number of mailbox servers.
  • Fixed the database copy validation formula to ensure there is at least 1 HA copy or lagged database copy in the secondary datacenter when site resilience is enabled.
  • Fixed servers.csv to not add a space between the comma and drive letter.
  • Fixed cells to have the correct color formatting.
  • Updated BDM throughput requirements to stipulate 7.5MB/s per database as the worst case, which aligns with what can potentially be seen in Jetstress runs.