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So I got this script executed at my Mailbox Server, I’m using Exchange 2010 SP1 by the way. But it can’t verify the Organization Unit (OU).


So to make it work just add a parameter after the command script

.\new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 –OU mine like this Smile


and that’s it, happy monitoring with SCOM Open-mouthed smile



Hello, long time no see. Actually it was I that not visiting this blog for a long time. So it’s still January, and I want to say Happy New Year! welcome year of the dragon!

So I recently found a great manga, everybody do likes manga right ?

I quote this line from a captain that maybe motivated all of you:

If you are unable to put on a smiling face while working hard for something, all you will feel is a sense of emptiness.

That’s why, so enjoy it. Feelings of infeiority, impatience, indignation, jealousy, anger, you have to put everything together in order ro realize yoursel. Being weak right now also means that you can look forward to becoing stronger from now on.

Said captain Kamiya Tsurugi

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