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Download Video from YouTube

find a video from YouTube and want to keep it to your PC…?

after you got your video…just copy the address link (in this case, i was using Opera)


After that just go to and paste the link…at the dropdown menu, choose YouTube and click download…

yup…the link then appear, just click ›› Download Link ‹‹  and save it to your PC..


Note : the file u just download it’s a flv file, u can play it any flv player, just google and u can easy find a free flv player


got a Windows Live ID…?

got a Website@wordpress..?

want to integrate both of them..?

here the answer, u can integrate your Windows Live Messenger to your  website, just like mine..

just go to and follow the simple step…

windows live id

there you will get a code snippet, and just copy it and paste to your editor..

if you’re using a wordpress..simple paste it to “text widget”..

if your have LAN in your network and you can’t connect to your friend Sharing File or Printer, check this first :

  1.  Make sure that TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper is started, go to “Run” and write “services.msc” and then press enter.

2.  If the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper is already started, and you still can’t connect to your friend…check if            both of you are in the same WORKGROUP

    3.  Check your Local Area Connection Properties and make sure that Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks option is checked.

LAN Properties

Ndo    : Kris, help me…!! (panic mode on)

Krisna : What..what…?!calm down will you..

Ndo    : my data,  my’s gone..i kept it in my Flash Disk

it because that god damn virus…i’ve already remove the virus with my AV, but all my data…(speechless)

Krisna : let me see your FD, humm…it’s not gone, look…your FD free space just a litle and i think your data is hidden by that virus..

Ndo    : hidden…??

Krisna : Yep..u can see your folder, just go to the Command Prompt and type “attrib -S -H e:\*.* /S /D” and then just press Enter..

Ndo    : yipee…it’s work, Thank you so much Kris.

Krisna : hokeh..!!

HeLLo Mother Earth..!!

Welcome to

This is my 1st post.

dunno gonna write what…hahaha…

what a poor english..

peace bro…!!

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